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Fire Brigade Museum - Ellrich fire station

The fire brigade museum is a regional museum in the town Ellrich. It presents the history of fire fighting from both the town Ellrich and the county Nordhausen. It displays an impressive collection of firefighting equipment and memorabilia. At the same time the museum shows the regional history of the town’s long affiliation with the State of Prussia. Reference is also made to the town's location on the former border line between East and West Germany. The fire brigade museum is a local museum.

Locations of the fire brigade museum

The main collection is displayed at the Gründungsfeuerwache, in the former municipal fire station of Ellrich. Next to the fire station is the “Ravensturm”, an old fortified tower from the former town wall.

An additional collection of the fire brigade museum can be found at the train station, which since October 2008 is also the fire station department of the town Ellrich. Here you can find many items of interest which were used during the Second World War, such as the fire equipment shed (extinguishers storage) of the former fire brigade from the train station, an air-raid shelter with gas shelter lock, emergency exit which you enter from the station platform and the emergency toilet as well as the former station well, which is now converted into the fire water tank.

The presentation of the collection at this original location makes it a very attractive and appealing display, which in this form is also relatively unique.

Currently work is being undertaken for an opening of a new fire brigade museum in the district Suelzhayn, also an original fire station place. There you will be able to witness the introduction of the water hose  “Hamma” (name and place where it is made), which is operated by hand.

Opening times

May to September every 1
st Sunday of the month from 3pm to 5pm. Additional visiting times are available outside opening times on request.


Please call: +49 (0)174-2429733




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